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ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI understands that Tulsa water damage is an emergency and can happen at anytime. This is why we are on call, 24/7 365. Because of our quick response, we reduce your suffering and save you money. If prompt action is not taken, water damage claims can increase substantially. The professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI in Tulsa Oklahoma use advanced equipment, products and procedures to assure the highest level of protection for property and furnishings and cleaning performance.



We do a thorough inspection of the structure to determine what type of materials were affected and determined the best strategy to dry the entire structure.


The first step in the process we use is to stop the source of moisture. Once the source of the moisture is stopped, our team will be proceed with removing the water from the affected areas.


We apply an antimicrobial in order to speed up the process of drying and to prevent bacterial growth.


It is a necessity to have air movement in the drying process. The proper airflow across wet areas helps expedite the drying process.


The most critical piece of the drying process in dehumidification. The use of air movement helps dry the materials and the dehumidification pulls the moisture out of the air to lower the humidity in the affected areas. This helps prevent secondary damage to the structure.


In order to properly dry your home it is essential that we evaluate daily to monitor your home and all material affected.

When your life gets turned upside down, call on ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI. We are prepared to handle calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us now (405) 528-6600 to help you restore your peace of mind.

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