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How we help you.

Oklahoma Residential Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup

Even through the fire is out, the damage still continues. When the synthetic material in furniture and flooring is burned, it can create a variety of complex chemical reactions. Only a few days after the fire, these items can go from cleanable to unsalvageable. Let the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI clean and salvage your belongings.

We are experts in understanding the chemical combinations and know how to effectively save your belongings. We have the ability to remove soot from vulnerable items such as chrome, tile, marble, brass, porcelain and aluminum as well as carpet and upholstery. Removing the soot from these items helps to avoid additional expenses. By understanding the different types of fires, it allows us to assess the correct process to restore your home.

Fires can come from multiple sources such as a furnace malfunction, a natural fire, an electrical fire and more. Trust ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI to assess the fire damage and help restore your home.

Oklahoma Commercial Fire And Smoke Damage

When your life gets turned upside down, call on ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI. We are prepared to handle call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us now (405) 528-6600 to help you restore your peace of mind. Don’t wait, contact us now!

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